Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Japanese Toolbox

Not sound related, but I love the design of this toolbox. It was published on the MAKE website quite a while ago, and was recently included in a MAKE Magazine publication. My toolbox was chosen to appear in the article.

The toolbox is simple to construct, and is very sturdy. I use this design to transport my tools all the time for work as an AV tech. The box should only take a few hours to complete, and can be made on a small budget; a single sheet of plywood will be enough for a large box; first iteration (800x400x400).

Second iteration (500x250x250).

Monday, December 9, 2013

FAB Pedal Multi Effects

This analogue multi effect unit can be made from Danelectro FAB pedals sourced cheaply on ebay. Other parts include press button switches, LEDs, 6.5mm mono jacks, and some hot melt glue.
Aluminium sheet was cut to size and squared, then marked and drilled for each of the existing pots on the circuit boards. Press button switches, jacks and power was also drilled.
Each circuit board was fixed to the face plate with hot melt glue, then each pedal wired in a chain (output to input of next...).
Tinned copper wire was used for the ground connections, to give some rigidity to the rear circuit boards.
Plywood box was made to suit.

Sunday, September 22, 2013

True Bypass / AB Box Circuit

Back to basics; here is a super simple true bypass pedal. It can be used to bypass a chain of effect pedals with one switch, to switch between two sources (eg, two guitars), or to switch between two outputs (eg, an amp and a tuner).
The pedal uses a DPDT foot switch, 4* 6.5mm jacks, and the project should cost ~$25.

Saturday, September 7, 2013

Silicon Heaven

I have started an apprenticeship as an electronics technician at Silicon Heaven, a repair shop in Sydney's north western suburb of Baulkham Hills.

Work includes the repair and maintenance of high power amplifiers, mixing consoles, speakers and microphones. I will be building on my previous knowledge of sound and electronics as I study.

Silicon Heaven is proud to be Australia's one and only Bosch Arc Service Agent! . Midas, Electrovoice Pioneer, Bosch, Dynacord, JBL, RCF, Fender, Blackstar, NAS, Presonus, Telex, Yamaha. We service all Pro-Audio Equipment.
We are now Sydney's Warranty service agent for NAS and AMS. Enabling warranty repairs for Bosch, Electrovoice, Klark Teknik, Dynacord, Telex, Midas and Blackstar and many others. More importantly most repairs take less than a week so no expensive delays.

Sunday, April 28, 2013

Make MonoBox - Trash speaker

Many mix engineers will cross reference a mix through an alternative set of speakers. The concept is that no one out in the real world has a set of studio monitors. This is part of the reason that NS10s and Aurotones are such sought after speakers.

4" powered speaker
Make magazine has published a small amplifier circuit based on the LM386 op-amp, which is well suited to use in small form powered speakers.
Unbalanced line level feeds the amplifier, which is powered by a 9V wall adapter. I have re-drawn the circuit layout for veroboard.
Veroboard Layout
 R1 is 10K for line level source. Change to 100R for headphone level source. If using a wall adapter, remember to filter your psu with a 100uF electro cap.
Original circuit from Make Magazine

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Heterodyne Space Explorer

Yet another circuit from Beavis Audio (my favourite circuit designer).
This is a CMOS multi-waveform noise tone generator which can be used for droning experimental sounds.
Space Explorer
The chip is capable of six simultaneous waveforms, but I only used four for this project. Veroboard layout:

Remember to filter your power if using a wall adapter:

Noisy Cricket Amplifier

The Noisy Cricket amplifier from Beavis Audio is one of my favorite circuits, but I always think small form amps like this are never really taken seriously.
I decided to do some serious over-engineering to present this 1/2 watt amplifier in a large amp format.
Noisy Cricket
I re-designed the circuit layout for turret-board; this has no impact on the sound of the amp, but it sure looks cool.
Finished Circuit

I think the amplifier looks a lot better in this form, than the tiny project box. It pairs well with my fuzz speaker.
Noisy Cricket + Fuzz Speaker